Chapter 7 of the us constitution

The Constitution of the United States of America has placed special focus over the protection of its citizens, although organised in any form against exploitation from various sources.  Similarly one section of its citizens enjoys special advantage when they are being suppressed by another section of people. The section of the citizens belong to the ones who have lost their hope in the business operations and have now become bankrupt, even unable to pay off the liabilities of the business enterprise in full. The another section belongs to the creditors and lenders who have lended their money to the bankrupts and now want to claim back that money either by hook or crook. But for such kind of acts, the government has some other plans.

Chapter 7

The Chapter 7 of the US Constitution reads for the protection of the bankrupt from the exploitation at the hands of the lender or creditor by selling off the personal liabilities of the business entrepreneur. The Unlimited Liability clause of the business administration gets fulfilled with such act when the personal belongings may be sold to pay off the existing dues. However it also provides for chances to be given to the bankrupt to protect his personal belongings with a mutual agreement between the two parties.


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Thus the highly intellectual government of the country acknowledges the need to have a mutual agreement between the two parties where a less than the due amount can be paid to the lender which he duly accepts.

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