The Turkey Program of Foundation for Defence of Democracies

We all know about who Foundation for Defence of Democracies is and thus we are not going into details of such matter. What we are concerned about in today’s article is the Turkey Project that was laid by the Foundation for Defence of Democracies. Thus, let us have a sight into this particular Turkey Project.

Turkey along with its adaptations and policies

To know about the Turkey Project which was carried about by the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, firstly, we have to know about Turkey and some of more allies.

Being a country strong with Muslims, Turkey is an ally of United States, and they are also a member of NATO. But, what has happened recently, that is, due to the rise in the Justice and Development Party; there are foreign policies which were adopted by Turkey. Thus, many programs like violations of human rights at home have been started to look upon.

About the Turkey program of Foundation for Defence of Democracies

The main motive which was laid in this Turkey program is to have a connection with the American public and the different policymakers, which was used to inform them about all the unsafe policies from AKP. These unsafe policies were fed by the importance to be shared with the respective people due to the reason that they had the potential of bringing great threat to western security as well as Turkish security. Also, do note that the tolerance of Turkey from the Jihadist activities and also from the Islamist activities were also included in this entire concept of the Turkey Program.

Thus, yes this was a step taken by the Foundation for Defence of Democracies towards Turkey in coming out with an amazing plan for a project. What are your concerns regarding the project? Was it a positive step which was taken by them or was it a negative step? Food for thought!